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If I like you, you have nothing to worry about. I'm the sweetest kid ever. But if I don't like you, fear for your life.golden freddy gif attack 
After the tribute parade, we were rushed back to our rooms by our stylists.
“Great news, (Name)! You’ve already gotten 3,000 sponsors!!!” Orion says.
“Really?! That’s great! That means I have a greater chance to  live, right?”
“Yep! But you may want to start picking allies."
"Easy! I pick everyone except Pepper and Loki!"
"Okay then!" We laugh together.
"So what now?"
"You get some downtime, until tomorrow morning. Then it's training time."
"Training? But we're S.H.E.I.L.D agents! We don't need to train!"
"I know, but it's to get you guys pumped up and to create drama between you all. Spark some tension so there'll be a good show in the arena!"
"So they want us to 'train' so that tension can start between us, so that when we are in the arena, there will be more violence and bloodshed?"
"Yes. Now I gotta go get some stuff ready for tomorrow. Just sit down and try to relax a little, okay?"
"Okay." Orion leaves without another word. I sit down and try to relax. Thoughts race through my mind. My death, my family, the deaths of my friends, the arena, Loki, and everything. I lay down on the couch and stare up at the ceiling. Soon enough, I'm asleep.
I wake up to the sound of knocking on the door. I sit up, confused. It can't be Orion. He would just walk straight in. Then who the hell is it? I open the door. There are two men, about 5 years older than me, dressed in suits. One has a mop of curly red hair on his head, and the other has short blonde waves.
"Miss (Last Name), we would like to talk to you about something that you said before the tribute parade this morning." The red head says. They push themselves inside and sit down on the couch.
"Who are you guys?"
"My name is Ralph and this is Jack." The blonde says.
"We are the assistants and bodyguards of Sid. The mastermind of this whole thing." The red head finishes. I stare at them. They're kinda cute...but they were probably sent here to kill me because of my outburst this morning. I cross my arms across my chest and glare at them.
"Get talking. I don't have all fucking day to deal with 'Sid's' flunkies. Now spit it the fuck out!" I snarl at them. They don't do anything. They just stare back at me.
"Sid's not very happy about the things you said. And he wants something done about it."
"Oh yeah? Well we don't always get what we want do we? If he isn't happy with me, why doesn't he come talk to me himself? He's doing this to us for no reason. He just a sadist who enjoys watching people fight to the death! I don't care what he wants or what he doesn't like. I've never met him, yet I hate him. He can't treat people like this!! It's barbaric!"
"You'll pay dearly when Sid hears about this." Ralph says as they get up to leave.
"Haven't I paid enough?!" They huff and leave. I lay back down on the couch. He couldn't possibly do anything worse than what he already did to me. But wow, was I wrong.
Avengers X Reader ~ Hunger Games (P6)
A/N: So... I may or may not have used a few different movie references in here. The blonde guy (Ralph) and the ginger guy (Jack) are references to Jack and Ralph from Lord Of the Flies. Sid is a reference to the rainmaker in Looper. And the 'paying dearly' references President Snow's threats to Katniss in Catching Fire.
“ exactly do I go about standing in this?”
“You just stand. There are handles on the side that you can hold onto. So don’t worry. Look straight ahead, and smile. Act like you’re happy. Act like you want to be here.” Orion looks off.
“It’s time.” He helps me into my (favorite color) chariot. A voice comes over the intercom.
“All stylists, please leave your tribute now.” Orion turns back to me.
“Remember. Smile.” He laughs and kisses me on the forehead. He leaves me alone with the other tributes.
“Here goes nothing.” I look up and realize that my chariot is second in line. I’m behind Loki and in front of Thor. Loki turns around a glares at me.
“Prepare to die, mortal.” He laughs. Thor chimes in from behind me.
“Loki! If anyone shall die, it shall be you!” Thor and Loki are both wearing their normal outfits. Thor’s hair is slicked back, and Loki’s looks how it normally does. I’m about to say something, but the chariots lurch, and begin moving forward. I put on a determined smile. The chariots carry us out into the daylight. There aren’t any crowds, but there are video camera EVERYWHERE! I look into one of the cameras. I blink a couple times, then put my determined smile back on. I raise my fists and let out a battle cry. Loki turns and glares at me.  
“Will you shut up? I need to get sponsors, and I won’t be able to if they see me talking to you!”
“Oh come off it! You’ve almost died twice, your own father doesn’t even love you, you were adopted, and you’re constantly ridiculed by your family and friends. You aren’t gonna get any sponsors, because nobody loves you. And you aren’t going to live.” Loki looks at me for a second.
“You’ll be my first kill.” He grumbles. I roll my eyes and look away.

----------------Meanwhile with Fury and Coulson-----------------

They sit watching the video.
“She just tore him down!” Coulson exclaims. Then the sponsor phone starts to ring like mad. Everyone either wanted to sponsor me, for tearing Loki down, or Loki for getting torn down. None of the others got any sponsorships.
“Those two are the only ones getting sponsored. The others are fucked.” Fury says. Coulson nods.
“But the sponsors can only help them so much…” Maria chimes in. The three of them look at the back at the screen, at me.
“We’ll just have to wait and see.” Coulson says.
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(Contains: strong language)
Orion is squeezing me into a tight black leather gown. My face was already waxed, and tweezed and all that jazz. My legs and arms we waxed, and my hair was washed three times over. He finally gets me into it, and zips it in the back.
“There.” He says. He holds up a pair of high heeled black leather boots. I slip them onto my feet.
“They fit perfectly!!” Orion smiles at me. He holds up a box of makeup, and a hairbrush and PLENTY of hair accessories. I sit in the arm chair. Orion got started on my makeup immediately.
After another half hour, my hair was up in a bun, several black roses stuck into it. My makeup consisted of black eyeshadow, large false black eyelashes, black cateye eyeliner, and a dark red lipstick. No blush. No foundation. I look at myself in the mirror.
“Am I ready, Orion?” He smiles at me.
“Almost. Here.” He holds out a small, silver necklace with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo on it. A few tears slip out of my eyes.
“It’s beautiful!” I say, holding it against my chest. Orion smiles and puts it on me.
“Your chariot awaits, my lady.” He holds out his hand to me and I take it. We head over to the elevator. After three floors, the elevator stops, and in comes Tony and his stylist, a woman with short, bright blue hair, tattoos on her arms and chest, a low cut black dress, combat boots, and black lipstick. Tony sees me and immediately tackles me into a hug. We cling onto each other. We take a step back and look at each other. His hair is greased back, and he’s wearing a leather cat suit, with a black jacket with coattails hanging down in the back, and black leather combat boots. We hold each other’s hands, just looking at each other. I notice that he has a S.H.I.E.L.D logo ring, that matches my necklace. We notice the pieces of jewelry at the same time.
“Nice necklace.” He smirks.
“Nice ring.” I laugh. The elevator stops and the doors open, to the basement floor of the building. I see chariots everywhere. A black one, a dark purple one, a red and gold one, a red and silver one, a dark green and black one, a lighter green and purple one, a blue and red one, A light blue one, and a (favorite color) one. I try to pinpoint which chariot will be who’s, when I suddenly hear screaming and sobbing behind me. I whirl around, to see none other than Natasha Romanov, sobbing. I’ve never seen her cry, nor known that she could. I run towards her.
“Natasha…” I kneel down next to her and she clings to me.
“I don’t want to die, (Name)! And I don’t want to have to die at the hands of my friends!” She sobs.
“None of us do, Tasha. This is fucked up, and whomever made this decision should be put in here with us.” I let her go and stand up.
“Ya hear that, fuckhead?! You should be put in here with us, you demon from the deepest depths of hell! You’re making us kill each other on live TV, while our families and friends watch, just for your fucked up entertainment! Well fuck you!” I scream into the air.
“It’s time to get on the chariot, (Name).” Orion says. I follow him, saying nothing.
Avengers X Reader ~ Hunger Games (P4) Chariots
ENJOY!!!!!! :D 

Sorry about the language. 
The ship lands and we are all whisked off to separate rooms. My room is all the way on the top floor of the large building. On the way up in the glass elevator, I pass the floors of the other tributes. I pass Loki, who glares at me, I pass Steve who gives me a sad, teary face, and Tony who gives me a determined nod. The elevator stops on the highest floor, and the doors open. It is a large, penthouse apartment, with a nice spread of food on the large dining table. I sit down at the head of the table, and make myself a plate of food. A loud voice comes over the intercom.
“Miss (Last Name), sit here, your stylist will be here to greet you soon.”
“J.A.R.V.I.S?” There was no response. I realized then, that this is all different. I know nothing about these surroundings. This world is foreign to me. If I learned one thing from being a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, and that is that new things are NEVER to be trusted. I stand up and being walking to the door.
“Miss (Last Name), I’m sorry, but you are not allowed to leave. If you want to go home, you’ll have to win, by killing your opponents.”
“But my opponents are my friends. I can’t kill them!” There is no response. Suddenly, the doors fly open, and in steps a man. He has black skinny jeans, a tight black tee shirt, black combat boots, a leather jacket, and spiked blonde hair. Fashionable.
“Hello.” He greets.
“Who are you?”
“I’m your stylist. My name is Orion Terk.” He kisses my hand.
“So….you’re supposed to make me look pretty? You’re supposed to help me make friends.”
“I’m supposed to help you get sponsors. I’m supposed to help you stay alive.”
“Okay. So what now?”
“Getting you ready for the tribute parade.”
The Avengers X Reader ~ Hunger Games (P3)- Stylist
Enjoy :D

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And you once said I wish you dead you sinner,
I'll never be more than a wolf at your door for dinner,
And if I see you 'round like a ghost in my town, you liar, 
I'll leave with your head oh I'll leave you for dead, sire.


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