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"Yo! (Y/n)!" Dean calls out, grabbing her shoulder. (Y/n) sighs and turns to face the older Winchester.
"Dean, I was kinda on going to-"
"Not anymore! I need you to do me a favor!" his gravely voice echoed through the hall of the bunker. (Y/n) rolled her eyes.
"Let me guess, you and Sam are going on a hunt, and you need me to stay here and babysit whatever prisioner you guys have chained up." Dean smiles and pushes her towards the living room.
"Yep! Thanks, (Y/n)! We'll be back in three days!" the man strutted away with his black duffle bag slung over his shoulder. (Y/n) heaved a long sigh and grabbed her laptop from her bedroom. She walked into the living room, looking down at her phone. She didn't notice who she would be monitering until a voice spoke up.
"Oh! Look who decided to show her face again!" (Y/n) looks up quickly, only to be met by the three firmiliar smirks of her ex boyfriends, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Crowley.
"Oh not you guys!" she mutters, hiding her face in her hands.
"Miss us?" Lucifer asks smugly.
"Nope." (Y/n) says, collecting herself and removing her hands from her face.
"Well why would you. I mean, it's not like you really ever needed me. I mean, you had someone else to give you their full love and attention." Crowley says, not meeting your gaze.
"You know that isn't true! Nothing ever happened between me and Michael! I wanted you! Not him!" (Y/n) yells, crossing her arms. Crowley jumps up and glares at her, eyes turning red.
"Then why were you in bed together?!" He demands.
"He teleported into my bed on accident! Ugh! I've told you this!" Gabriel and Lucifer watch the fight, looking just as pissed as the demon.
"That's better than what she did to me!" Gabriel says, jumping up from sitting cross-legged on the floor. (Y/n) glares at the archangel.
"Okay, first of all, I was POSSESED, and second of all, YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME WITH KALI ANYWAY!"
"You're right. I let it take control of me. I could've fought, but I didn't. So when that demon bitch was throwing herself at Dean, I didn't do anything to stop it. But you have no idea how much you hurt me when you cheated on me! But I told myself it made sense. Why would an archangel date a human when he could be with a beautiful godess? It didn't stop the pain, but it somewhat numbed it." (Y/n) said, sitting down on the couch and not looking at any of the three men infront of her.
"Well, Luc. It's your turn. Come on, I'm all ears and I don't have any fight left in me." She says quietly.
"There's nothing for me to say. You meant everything to me. I couldn't stand it when I saw you locking lips with Micheal!" Lucifer says, running his hands through his short blonde hair.
"Micheal brainwashed me. He needed to take away the last remainder of your happiness so that you could focus on the apocolypse and fighting him. I don't even like Micheal as a person! Why would I want to make out with him, or sleep with him?" The room was filled with a heavy silence for what felt like an eternity, until (Y/n) broke the silence.
"You guys don't believe me. Fine. But I want you all to know that I really did love you all. But, not anymore. Someone came along and took all of my pain away, and made me truly feel loved. He's my savior, and the only thing that kept the gun out of my mouth." The boys looked at her, suprised.
"You were going to..." Crowley asks quietly.
"(Y/n)..." Gabriel begins, but is cut off by the flapping of wings, signaling the enterance of an angel. Castiel appears behind (Y/n). He leans down and kisses the back of her head.  (Y/n) smiles at the other three men, astonished and somewhat jealous looks plastered across their faces.
"I believe you all know, Cas." (Y/n) smiles.
Crowley, Gabriel, Lucifer, Castiel X Reader
Enjoy :) 

I don't own any of these characters.
"Is it going to hurt? Have you done this before?" I ask, laying down on the bed, looking at Oberon.

"I haven't actually done this before. Just lay back and be still. We were trained on how to do this in the academy." He says. I sit up again.

"But you didn't answer my question! Is it going to hurt?" I ask, a little more frantic this time. He turns to the others.

"Warren, Birch, Spike, you may want to hold her down." Birch grabs my left arm, Spike grabs my right arm, and Warren strattles my hips and pins down my shoulders. I try to fight them, but Warren uses his magic to sedate me. I can't move at all. Oberon leans over me and and places the glowing shard on my forehead. He then pushes it into my head. It hurts so bad! I cry out in pain but I can't move at all. Thankfully it's over just as quick as it had started. The four boys step back from me. The pain drained out all of my energy, so the next thing I know, I'm passed out.
I'm in a golden feild. I look around. There is a castle of clouds in the distance.

"Nevaria." A male's voice calls to me from behind. I spin around to the source of the voice. It's a man. He has short, shiney brown hair, like mine, and shiney blue eyes, also like mine. He wears a shiney golden crown. Something deep in my mind tells me that this man is my father. I look down at myself. I have the body of a small child. I'm wearing a silver floor length dress. I run towards him and he smiles and scoops me up.

"Daddy! How's momma?" I ask. Apparently I can't control myself in this dream. I'm a spectator in my own head. He laughs and kisses my forehead.

"Momma is just fine. She just finished having the baby."

"Do I have a brother or a sister?" I ask, excitedly.

"You have a new baby sister. Wanna go see her and momma?"

"Yes!" He lifts me onto his shoulders and walk to the castle.
We enter a large master bedroom, with a grand bed and a large fireplace. A woman with almost white blonde hair and shiney green eyes is laying in a bed, holding a baby in her arms. My mother. When she hears us come in, she looks up, and smiles. My father puts me down and I run towards the bed and my mother.

"Momma!" I climb onto the bed.

"Nevaria, this is your new baby sister. This is Avalon." She pulls the blanket away from the baby's face. The baby has large, glassy, bright green eyes; like mother. The baby giggles and holds her little arms out to me. Mother holds the baby out to me and I take my new sister in my arms. The baby giggles and I giggle too, and hold her close. I kiss her forehead.
I wake up. I check to see if I can move my body yet. I start by trying to move my fingers. When I see that I can, my push myself up into a sitting position. I look at the boys.

"What the hell was that?!" I ask.

"That was your memory. That was one of your first memories. Meeting your sister for the first time." Puck says.

"The sister that....wants to kill me?"


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"Shit! Really? Which one?" Christian says, excitedly walking over to them. Puck holds up what appears to just be a shiney orb thing.

"A memory of her father from her early childhood, it appears." Oberon says from the corner, where he's shaking water off of his wings.

"How did you manage to get this? Wouldn't Avalon have sent Lore or Wolfram to collect them all?" Birch asks.

"She did. You think we just found this and picked it up? No way! We had to fight for this!" Warren says.

"A fight? What happened?" I kick off the blankets and walk over to the group.

"Well...this is how it happened."
The three werewolves stood together in a feild. Wolfram held the memory shard, tossing it from hand to hand.

"What the hell could Avalon want with this thing?" Raff says, looking at it closer.

"Who the fuck cares?! She just told us to get it for her. So don't ask questions!" Zayev says, crossing his arms. Wolfram elbows his brother.

"You don't get to yell at him! Only I get to yell at him so fuck off!" Wolfram snarls.

"Oh yeah? Cause you're the leader? Well I'm older than you!" Raff says, pulling up his shirt and exposing the number tattooed on his stomach.

"Boom! Number seventy-five! Suck it!" He snarls at his brother. Wolfram smirks and throws the memory to Zayev.

"Yeah? Have you forgotten that I am older than you?! Boom! Seventy-four!" Wolfram snarls, tackling his brother and attempting to bite him. Zayev just stands there, looking at the memory, scratching his 'thirty-four' tattoo. A loud 'ping' sound echos through the ears of the wolves. The three fairy boys appear in front of the werewolf brothers.

"Wolfram, give us the memory, and we won't have a problem." Oberon says, crossing his arms. Wolfram chuckles darkly.

"I'm afraid that we can't do that, boys." He says, smirking.

"Then we'll just have to take it from you." Warren says. The faires get into their fighting stances. Oberon has a ball of fire in his hands, Warren has rocks and peices of earth floating around him in a type of sheild, and Puck has a large water sheild around his body. The wolves sprout their wolf ears and tails, and their sharp wolf teeth.

"Attack plan: C, boys. Now Zayev...Zayev?" Wolfram turns around looking for his brother. Zayev is sprawled on the ground, reading.

"Zayev! This is not the fucking time for that! Get the hell up and fight!" Raff snarls.

"Hey, little boy! You don't get to bark orders at him! Only I do! Now Zayev, get the fuck up and fight!" Wolfram snarls.

"Hold on! I just gotta finish this chapter!" Zayev says. The fairies laugh a little bit, and Wolfram glares at them. Raff growls and grabs the book from Zayev and throws it. Zayev slowly stands and joins his brothers. The three brothers snarl and snap at the fairies, who resume their feirce looks. The battle ensues. Wolfram lunges at Puck. Puck dodges Wolram's attack and whips him with the water, leaving a large gash on Wolfram's back and neck. Wolfram snarls and lunges back at Puck, pouncing on him and knocking him down. Wolfram smirks in Puck's face, and bites the fairy boy's neck. Puck cries out in pain, fighting to push the werewolf off of himself.

  Within moments of the battle's begining, Warren has Zayev pinned down under a boulder. Warren throws a peice of earth at Wolfram, knocking him over and off of Puck. Warren helps Puck back to his feet. Oberon is fighting tooth and nail with Raff, trying to obtain the memory shard without damaging it. Warren sneaks up behind the last werewolf and grabs him into a headlock, causing the wolf to drop the shard. Oberon grabs it, and the fairies dissapere. Wolfram shoves the boulder off of himself and growls loudly.

"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Fuck!" He shoves Raff to the ground. "This is your fault you failure!"

"Don't you fucking say that, seventy-four! I will kill you!" Raff growls.

"Yeah right! You wouldn't kill your own brother!" Wolfram growls, smirking. Raff stands up and leans into his brother's face.

"Try me." He growls slowly. The two wolves begin to fight. Zayev picks up his book, and lays down in the grass.
The fairies appear outside of the bunker, surveying their injuries. Puck has a large bloody chunk taken out of his neck. Warren uses his water magic to heal him. Warren then surveys the damage done to Oberon. He looks perfectly fine, aside from some dirt and bruises and scratches. Oberon turns around to reveal his wings, which are almost ripped to shreds. Warren gasps and immedietly heals his friend's wings.

"And that is how we obtained this. Now come here, Nevie. Let's transfer this." Warren says.
Spirit Princess chapter 4
This has now turned into a collaberation with my boyfriend. So the werewolves belong to him. The rest of the characters still belong to me.

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I wake up to pounding on the bunker door. The boys get into fighting stance and jump in front of me. The pounding continures and now I hear voices yelling on the other side.

"Atticus! Just give us the girl and nobody will get hurt! Well...aside from her..." The voice says.

"You touch her, you die!" Crow snarls. The door is kicked in a second later, and the boy that was following me in the car enters with two other boys. I can see his eyes now. They are gold and glowy.

"Crow, Crow, Crow. You realize that you you can't kill us. We're immortal. All we want to do is take the princess to our fair and beautiful queen, so that she may execute her as she sees fit." I make a squeaking sound. The leader smirks and looks past them at me. He pauses for a moment. He looks me up and down hungrily. I pull the blanket tighter around my body. He leans back and whispers something to another guy. This guy has dark brown hair that covers his eyes, but I can see them glowing gold underneath his bangs. He stares at me with the same look as the first guy. The third guy wanders over to the two of them. The second guy whispers something to him, and he chuckles and stares at me. Birch and Salem step in front of me.

"Lore, you are twisted and sick." Salem says.

"All of you are!" Birch says. The first guy, Lore, grins wickedly. I notice fangs glinting in his mouth. These guys must be vampires.

"Well, nobody told us that she was this sexy! Maybe we should keep this girl for ourselves. Huh, boys?" Lore grins, attempting to step closer to me, but Atticus puts his body between me and Lore.

"Yeah. She's hot! Come on over here, baby." The second boy winks at me.

"Leave her the hell alone, Prysm!" Salem says, crossing his arms and leaning on the wall.

"Ha! You guys got told off! Now she's all mine!" The last boy says, walking towards me. Christian just casually puts his hand up.

"Roug, don't even try it." He casually says.  Meanwhile, Atticus and Lore are fighting.

"Lore, give it up! She has six guardians that refuse to leave her side! You will never be able to get to her!" He says. Lore smirks, purposly exposing his fang. He hisses and lunges at Atticus. I scream and cover my face with the blanket. I hear a gasp and a growl. I pull the blanket down to see Lore with a large cut on his cheek and Atticus holding a blade. Lore glares at Atticus but doesn't do anything else. He just walks towards the door, shouting the clique line "This isn't over!".  The other two follow him, but not before winking at me.

"Yeah, you'd better run, you creeps!" Birch yells after them. "Hell yeah! We won! What up, bitches!" I'm about to fall back onto the bed and resume my nap, but the 'ping' sound of the faires sounds through the bunker.

"Atticus!" Puck lands with a thud on the bunker floor. He picks himself up and runs over to Atticus. The other two faires land gracefully, and calmly walk over to the rest of us.

"We found one of her memories!!" Puck says.
The boys made the bunker as confortable as possible for me. A big plush couch, as much food as I could ever want, books, magazines, pens and paper, a TV, blankets, pillows...anything I could ever need. But I didn't want to be there at all.

"You can't just abduct me!" I snarl.

"Okay then! We could just leave you there and let you be killed by vampires or werewolves!" Spike, the third demon boy, snarls back.

"Vampires and werewolves?! When I woke up this morning I was just a normal girl!"

"Well that's not the case anymore, is it, darlin'?" Salem says. I clench my fists.

"Nevie! We are your guardians! We are doing our jobs! We're protecting you!" Atticus says.

"Well I don't need to be protected! Let me out of here and leave me alone!"

"Not until we know it's safe! If you die, we have failed. And if we fail..." He's cut off by a very attractive, very sparkly boy, with shiney orange hair, that appreared of out nowhere.

"Puck! What have you found out?" Atticus says, stepping closer to the boy.

"Avalon has sent Lore and his gang after Nevie. Avalon will stop at nothing to kill Nevie. Speaking of Nevie, can I meet her?" Puck says. The boys step aside, exposing me to him. He smiles and walks towards me. He bows, taking my hand in his.

"Hello, princess. My name is Puck. I am one of your guards." He kisses my hand and smiles up at me. I blush a little bit. He is SO cute! I giggle. He grins a goofy grin.

"Don't worry, princess. You are in very good hands." He stands, but doesn't let go of my hand. A jingly sound echos through the bunker, and two more boys appear.

"I'm going to take a guess that you guys are faires." Puck grins.

"You're very smart, princess." He says. The other two appear at Puck's side.

"Puck, leave the poor princess alone! She's been through a lot today." One of them says. He's blonde and kinda short. He pushes Puck out of the way. Puck glares at him, looking almost...jealous?

"Greetings, princess. I am Oberon! King of the faires, and the commander of your army, though I don't expect you to remember." He smiles and sollutes. The third fairy boy pushes his way through. He smiles at me and I can see love and adoration in his eyes, paired with a bit of sadness.

"Hello, Princess." He says. He doesn't kiss my hand or anything, he just says hello and walks away. The other two fairies follow him, making sure he's alright.

"Who's he?" I ask. The six boys look at me, with sorrow and sadness in their eyes.

"His name is Warren. He was your fiance." Birch answers.

"Nevie, I know this is all a lot to take in, but I promise you that you did know all of us at one point." Atticus says. I sit down, crossleged on the big plush bed.

"Then tell me about my old life. Maybe I can try to remember."
So the rest of the day was spent recalling stories from my past life.

"Warren, tell me about how we met." I say, taking his hand and lacing our fingers together. He smiles.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. It was right after your parents passed away. The creator sent us to take you and your sister to your guardians. You looked so lovely. Your dark hair flowing down your back. Your white gown fit your body beautifully. All I wanted to do was take you in my arms and kiss you. But I didn't. I have to be professional. So, over the years we became good friends. One day, I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the garden and picked some roses, and went to you, and proposed.  You said yes, by the way. " He looks down at our hands sadly.

"Warren, I'm so sorry, but I don't remember any of this; there's no way that I can remember, either." Warren lets go of my hand and jumps up, causing the bed to bounce and launch the rest of us into the air.

"But there is! The angels are liars! Your memories still exist! When Atticus brought you to this body, he didn't destroy your memoires, he just scattered them." He exclaims. I look from Warren to Atticus.


"Yes, Nevie. I lied to you. Well, I actually lied to everyone. I just couldn't let you all go after them and get hurt!" Atticus says. His brothers look at him, suprised and angry.

"So all this time we could've helped her?!" Birch exclaims.

"Yes! But it was too dangerous! She needed us and we couldn't risk our lives!"  

"But we can still go find them and bring them to her?" Oberon asks.

"Yes." Atticus says. There is a long silence. I know that the angels are talking to each other telepathically, and now I'm starting to think that so are the demons and the faires. Oberon breaks the silence a few moments later, starling me.

"We'll do it."

"Huh?" asks Atticus.

"We'll go look for her memoires."

"But it's practically suicide! I mean, with the vampires out there, and the werewolves and Avalon...You'll die!" Birch practically yells.

"But we have our magic! We can protect ourselves! And even if we can't..." Oberon glances at me.
"It's worth it. And you six need to stay here and protect her." The three start walking towards the door of the bunker.

"And besides," Puck turns around and begins walking backwards. "faires are extremely fast healers." And with that, they're gone. I curl up on the bed and decide to take a nap. Salme rubs my back until I fall asleep.
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